5 Reasons to Read Frog and Toad to Your Kids

Feb 5, 2018 · 3 min read
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#Booknerd confession: My whole family is kind of Frog and Toad superfans. We regularly quote Arnold Lobel’s endearing and hilarious amphibians. We’ve seen the musical, and on occasion my four-year old will spontaneously break out into this little ditty. In my mind, there’s no better love story than these two dedicated friends.

That said, here are 5 reasons to read Frog and Toad to your kids this Valentine’s Day, and basically every day.

1. They are loyal and compassionate friends.

I can’t think of a better model of friendship than Frog and Toad. They worry about one another. When there’s danger, they stand together. They take risks for one another. They give thoughtful gifts, and they enjoy one another’s company. Really, everyone should have a friend in life to be his or her Frog or Toad.

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2. They teach important life lessons.

Frog and Toad tackle some pretty big ideas. Perhaps most importantly, they teach children to understand and appreciate their individuality. One story reassures kids that they don’t always have to be brave. In “Alone,” we learn that it’s okay to want to be have some time by yourself once in a while. “The Garden” teaches the importance of patience, and “The Kite” encourages us to keep trying, even if someone tells you that something is impossible. But the best theme throughout the books is that a true friend will stick with you through thick and thin.

3. They’re laugh-out-loud funny.

I dare you to read any of the following stories in Frog and Toad and not laugh:

· The Swim

· Spring

· Ice Cream

They are all absolutely absurd and thoroughly enjoyable.

4. They appeal to all ages.

Frog and Toad are great read-aloud books for younger children. The short stories within a longer book allow for parents to cater to their child’s attention span. On the flip side, for preschoolers, they are a fantastic introduction to chapter books. Add a bookmark, and they will feel like they are one of the big kids. And when children are first start learning to read themselves, Frog and Toad are the perfect I Can Read picks. There’s quite a bit of repetition, and the text mostly consists of one-syllable words — a pretty impressive feat for stories that can actually be pretty deep. Bonus: These are definitely in the “parents can enjoy them, too” camp.

5. They are totally relatable.

Lastly, we kind of love how utterly relatable Frog and Toad are. Neither of them is perfect. They both struggle with willpower. Toad is pretty lazy (and sometimes not too bright). He’s embarrassed by how he looks in his swimsuit. Frog loves a good horror story. And sometimes enjoys playing a good prank. But both appreciate the joy of taking life easy, and they love one another, warts and all.

What are your favorite stories and lessons from Frog and Toad? We’d love to hear.

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