7 Underrated Adorable Baby Animals

In Sharon Creech’s Saving Winslow, a young boy named Louie strikes up an unexpected friendship with an ailing donkey named Winslow. It might be a little uncommon to think of baby donkeys as cute, but as it turns out, their cuteness is vastly underrated!

We decided to compile a list of some underrated adorable baby animals that deserve credit where credit is due. You won’t find any puppies or kittens here!

1) Donkeys

Just look how cute little Winslow is on the cover of the book! Baby donkeys are absolutely adorable.

2) Elephants

The thing about baby elephants is that they look JUST like grown-up elephants, but way smaller. So cute.

3) Monkeys

Baby monkeys don’t get nearly enough cuteness credit, probably because their features are so similar to human babies. It’s time to shine a cuteness spotlight on baby monkeys.

4) Seals

Stop it. Just look at this baby seal wading its way through the sand! More baby seals, please!

5) Koalas

Honestly, this should probably be in the number one spot. That little baby koala is the epitome of cuteness.

6) Chipmunks

Don’t let Alvin, Simon, and Theodore influence your opinion of chipmunks! You can hold a baby chipmunk in the palm of your hand, and they’re just adorable. Read Brambleheart by Henry Cole for lots of chipmunk cuteness.

7) Foxes

If you haven’t read Pax by Sara Pennypacker yet, it’s time to change that. Pax is an adorable young fox that you will fall in love with.

What’s your favorite baby animal? Tell us in the comments below!

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