10 Ways to Give Back to Your Community This Holiday Season

Nov 27, 2018 · 2 min read

The holidays are a perfect time of year to give back to your community, and who better to encourage a far-out holiday season than Pete the Cat!

Did you know that Pete the Cat is based on a real cat? When creator James Dean first saw Pete, he was a tiny black kitten in a shelter. At first James, had no interest in Pete — black cats were bad luck, after all. But the scrawny little fellow stuck his paw out of the cage, wanting to play! James took Pete home. And even though James chose to paint Pete the Cat blue (his favorite color), James realizes now that black cats are actually very lucky.

This holiday season, Pete the Cat is encouraging all groovy families to join in the spirit of giving and focusing on the important message of empathy and community involvement. Not sure where to start? Use some of the tips below to make this season the grooviest time of the year!

  1. Give back to a local charity or organization by volunteering, donating, or offering your voice.
  2. Donate gently used clothes or toys to charity for distribution to the needy.
  3. Help your neighbors by offering to shovel their driveways, pick up their mail, or assist with yard work.
  4. Volunteer in a food pantry or soup kitchen to help comfort those who are hungry.
  5. Drop off dog, cat, or other animal food to a humane society.
  6. Help the elderly by opening doors, offering to help with stairs or difficult paths, and offering to carry large or heavy packages.
  7. Send a letter or care package to military member to show your support for the men and women in the uniform.
  8. Say Thank You. Write a note or say thank you to community members like the mail person, garbage collectors, fire fighters, and police.
  9. Create a Change Jar. Fill an empty jar with loose change and when the jar is full, decide where to contribute the money. Once it’s empty, fill it again and donate to an organization of your choice.
  10. Remember to spread kindness and give all year long, in ways big and small!

We hope you are inspired to get involved this holiday season. Share how you and your family are giving back online with #GivingIsGroovy.


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