How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.
Robin Chancer

I like your article and it gives many useful tips for dealing mentally with adversity. But one must not forget to make any mental technique remain anchored in REALITY. To say “Trump is insane” is actually not true. It may feel good to say it, but it’s factually not true (unless one wants to live in a safe-space fantasy world- one might as well then believe in unicorns and fairies in that case). One has to accept that Trump has actually turned out to be right on many things he claimed or predicted. Here is a partial list: Trump was correct in claiming the intelligence services under Obama were spying on his campaign associates as the Senate hearings confirmed. He was correct that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was helping Hillary as Comey’s testimony revealed (forcing him to call the FBI investigation of Hillary as a “matter” so as not to make Hillary look like a suspect). Trumpwas correct that he would ultimately win at the Supreme Court on the Travel Ban. He was correct that the Times and CNN wrote untruthful stories about him, as their recent stories retractions, apologies and firings of reporters involved in incorrect stories demonstrated. There is more but not enough room to list here. So any techniques to deal with the heartache of the Trump era must be based on truthful facts, not fantasy, or ultimately the mental anguish will be even greater once the inconvenient truths come out.

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