6 Hour Distraction

I was tasked with the challenge of going six hours without technology. Just hearing those words gave me anxiety. What was I going to do for six hours??? How was I supposed to find six hours out of my crazy schedule?

When I have any ounce of freetime to myself, I usually do something that involves the internet or television. If Netflix bingeing was an olympic sport, then I’d be a five time gold medalist. I have always been into movies and television and spend my free time finding all the new ground breaking shows and movies. I even worked at a movie theater this summer just so I could watch movies for free. So when I was forced to go six hours without tv, or any other sort of internet access, I realized my time is always filled by some kind of technology.

I couldn’t do homework because that would involve getting on my laptop. I couldn’t watch tv obviously. Listening to music was even out of the question because I would have to play it from my phone or laptop. This meant I would really have to think about what I was going to do for six hours that wasn’t just staring at the ceiling.

Thankfully, the weather was really nice this weekend, so I spent most of my time outside. My roommate and I had plans for the day so I decided to add this into my six hour timeframe, I just made sure I never had my phone out. We went to breakfast at a new place in town called First Watch, which was really good. This made me stay more focused and engaged in conversation with my friend because usually I always have my phone out on the table. I was able to really listen to her without having to worry about that new notification on my phone.

After breakfast we had to run some errands, which was an easy time killer. Then we went to Kappa Delta’s event, Dunk a KD, on the greenspace. There were dogs, so I was happy. After that we went to Rutledge Wilson Farm for our Tri Delta sisterhood. We went through the pumpkin patch picking out the perfect pumpkins and pet lots of animals on the farm. Here is when I noticed everyone on their phone either snapchatting or instagraming their time at the sisterhood. Nobody was super engaged in conversations because they were trying to come up with the perfect caption for their instagram.

By the time we left the sisterhood, the six hours was up. I was grateful that i had so many distraction during the day, so I wasn’t itching to get on my phone all day. But I will say it was nice to have that familiarity back. I turned it on and the mass of notifications came flooding in on screen. This kind of annoyed me. In that small of a time frame my apps were notifying me to get back on them because so and so made a post or someone liked my picture. This made me realize how addicted we all are to our phones. We can’t even go hours without seeing something new on screen or posting something ourselves. It was even hard for me to catch up on all the social media from that amount of time because there was so much of it. Six hours doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is almost a lifetime on the internet.

Although I filled my day with friends and fun things, I realized that we all need to remember to enjoy our lives not on screen. We have become an obsessed society. We have to show our friends on Facebook how great our lives are even if they aren’t in reality. Obsessed with knowing everything at all times. But life is better when we put our phone down and listen and observe everything around us.