HCG and Men: Are they Compatible?

When it comes to weight loss, the question of whether men are able to do the HCG diet sometimes pops up. The good news is that yes, it is possible for men to use homeopathic HCG drops for dieting, despite HCG being a hormone that is created by ladies. Truth be told, men do have some amount of HCG in their bodies but not as much as women do.

HCG operates by allowing the body to extract additional calories from excess fatty tissues. The benefit of this is that men will not have to take in more calories through their food consumption because they will simply get additional calories from their existing fat. With this diet, you will continue to utilize a lot of calories throughout the diet plan duration, and only 500 of these will come from food!

In addition, you will not feel weak or ravenously hungry due to the reduced calorie diet. What you can expect, however, is twice the amount of weight loss without the side effects of HCG (as can sometimes happen to women when they experience maternity symptoms). Instead, your body will supplement your nutrition with that coming from the existing excess fat in your body.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects, the usual ones are pretty common with most diet plans that people adhere to. These may include body tiredness and some forms of mild hunger pangs, if ever. These are just normal for people who are at the beginning stage of any diet plan like the HCG diet, and will not become a cause for concern once the body has been able to adjust to the new routine.

Between men and women, the latter is more prone to experiencing side effects because HCG performs a fertility function in their bodies like vomiting, breast tissue tenderness, and nausea. When the hormone is used for losing weight, only smaller quantities are used to make significant results as compared to using it for fertility functions.

Suffice to say, the HCG diet is indeed possible for men and is posed to be one of the more effective types of weight loss systems that is safe and effective, thanks to very mild side effects during the course of treatment. If you are thinking about trying the HCG diet, you are encouraged to speak to a physician about it before you begin the treatment and enjoy seeing great results from the diet.