Most of the points in the article are not either not true any more or personal opinion:
Xiaojun Li

3. On Android you just need a certificate to publish, no need for provisioning profiles.

Also the publication process is a mess! You must upload through a special program, you can’t even upload from your browser!!!

After uploading on “Application Loader”, it tells you something like “Thanks, we’ll tell you once your app is accepted”, so you think “Great, it’s done.”. But nope, you still need to go back to itunesconnect, wait several minutes for your build to appear, then select your build and finally click the “Publish” button.

Such a wonderful User Experience.

4. “it‘s a blessing that Apple actually hired people to manual review each app to keep junk and hack out of the platform.” I publish a radio app, which goal is to obviously allow users to listen to the radio. It’s rejected because I’m using “background audio”. I’m told this should only be used for “apps that require playing audio, like radio apps”. I reply saying that it’s a radio app and explain the many ways to play audio in the app, that the audio still plays after putting the app in the background and that info is displayed on the login screen. I receive no reply so I republish the exact same app and add a note saying that I’m using the “background audio”, and this time it’s accepted…

So I reaaally doubt any human was involved when the app was rejected.

Also I don’t feel the bar is that high to be allowed to publish an app. I feel it’s more a marketing thing.

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