CNA #1

Liberty University names Congressman Hurt new Center for Law and Government lead

The new center, led by former congressman Robert Hurt, will be a building for the opportunity of free speech and ideas. The purpose of this new place will serve a role in the Liberty students graduating with the knowledge to participate in a new generation of American statesmanship. Former Congressman will be a great leader for this cause due to his load of experiences.

Police charge driver after three-car accident on Route 460 near Candlers Mountain

Although three cars were involved in the accident, following too closely had something to do with the crash. The crash caused chaos and backups. The crash could have been worse, luckily no one was injured.

Lynchburg Police release surveillance video from Neighborhood Market robbery

Police are investigating a threatening robbery at a local convenience store. It was reported that a male, 5'6–5'10, with a medium build in dark clothing, waved a handgun at the cashier while demanding money. The robber was masked and escaped on foot with the cash from the convenience store.

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