Exercise 10.3

Name: Lebron James Sprite Commerical

Advertisement: Sprite

  1. The visual effects used to define the location was that it was sunny, hot, and somewhere where someone would need a Sprite to drink and enjoy
  2. The sound effects used are a popular song from a rapper, and the crisp sound of Sprite
  3. The format used is the ‘Slice of Life’ format. The commercial was very dramatic and the advertised product was shown various times throughout the commercial. The resolution is to drink the advertised product.

4. The commercial is about Lebron James walking around telling everyone that he wouldn’t tell them to drink Sprite even if it were hot, after eating spicy food, etc. At the end it is him enjoying a “nice, cold sprite”

5. The target market of the ad is younger people because a current rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, is shown in it singing one of his new songs. Also, people that enjoy carbonated drinks such as Sprite.

6. The benefits offered by the ad are that Sprite can help with being super thirsty, hot, or when you need to be refreshed.

7. There is not necessarily a call to action in the end, but the end represents Lebron James, popular basketball player, is drinking a Sprite and feels refreshed.

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