What is Good Writing?

Good writing is leaving the reader wanting more. Good writing, to me, is a romantic novel that is so good it can be turned into a movie.

This novel includes a love story between two younger roles that meet unexpectedly and fall in love in the end. In between, there are struggles, lies uncovered, and separation. Ah, but in the end, they of course re-connect and live happily ever after.

Good writing, to me, has a lot of drama involved.

Good writing to Ann Handley is explained in more detail. Ann Handley compares good writing to math. For instance, good writing has a solid foundation; It feels solid to the audience.

“Good writing anticipates reader questions” (Ann Handley). Good writing predicts the reader’s suspicions before they ask them. As if the book is written knowing all the answers that will be asked on purpose, but in a twist, unexpectedly answers them.

Good writing has a true ending that is finished, but makes the reader think there could STILL be something more. The reader loves the book so much they begin to think what could have gone different. That’s what I do.

Good writing is more than just one novel. It is three or four. There is nothing better than an author who ends a novel with a mystery leading into another. Again, good writing leaves the writer wanting more.

Good writing gets the reader interested right off the bat. It is not boring in the first few pages.

According to Ms. Handley, “good writing is like good teaching.” Good writing does a good job of explaining things such as the main points.

Good writing does not hint at what the outcome may be, instead, catches the reader off guard with a twist. The climax is dramatic and huge.

Good writing has a great writer. A writer that is willing to put in the time to please their audience. A writer that is willing to create sequels.

Good writing leaves the reader wishing they could erase their memory so they could start all over and read it for the first time again.

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