P2. Karl Eriksson review of team 11

Overall I think the project is very good and I consider all my critique as nit picks at best.


The user groups is a bit loosely written for example the sentence “People who are very keen to be in good shape love this app” suggest that there is only one way to keep in shape which is running.

I find the whole “method” subsection messy, I think more subsections would have helped the overall structure of the section. Separating the results,users and study context of from the method subsection in a separate subsection would made for a clearer structure.


Overall I find the flow of the report nice and clear. A bit lacking in structure in parts but I covered that in the previous subsection.


I find the content of the report good with the exception of the lacking information about the test users.

I find the claim “GPS tracking is mandatory” as a major usability problems a bit confusing. Since I personally can’t imagine the application working without GPS since you are running on a map of your location and as far as I know the design of the game is to run around on a map picking up supplies etc. If there is some parts of the game that would still work without gps it’s a bit unclear.

In general the language is good.

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