To feel the pain is inevitable

When will you know that you are in a thing called love? I’m a girl with big dreams in life and one of my dream is to fall inlove with someone who is also inlove with me. But you know, fate always play the game and it’s not fair. The fate did not make my dreams to came true. I fall inlove with someone who is close to me yet so far. I actually never imagine to put myself in this kind of situation. It’s like i’m cage to him and he is cage to someone else.

“How to unlove someone who does not know that you are inlove with him”

These thoughts linger at me. Funny how I’m writing this 10:33 am in the morning wherein this kind of thoughts should be during the dawn. I always knew that you will be never fallen for me. Why? Because he had fallen to another girl, 6 years ago. I’m the type of woman that will be always his bestfriend and he’s the type of man that is my everything.

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