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We all fantasise about places we would love to live and things we’d like to have in our lives. It seems normal, and sometimes even useful – though again I think there’s very little correlation between dreams and how much we actually enjoy things when we get them. The other problem with dreams is they can get stuck in a loop in your head.

Who else is old enough to remember original YouTuber Ze Frank’s ‘Brain crack’:

I often think of it, and the more years that pass and the less energy I have, the more I relate to it. …

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Today’s lesson was inspired by the wonderful Barbara Nixon, a business coach and trainer. Barbara said something very interesting recently about the concept of ‘what if’. What if the worst case scenario doesn’t play out? Have we put any energy into imagining what we’ll do then?

We are generally governed by negativity. We put a massive amount of energy into visualising negative scenarios. It’s how we make many, perhaps most, of the decisions that govern our lives. Maybe we take one course or career path rather than the one we really want, in case something terrible happens and we need ready income. …

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Those of us with a fitness YouTube habit know the fundamental truth of getting painful stuff over with: it goes quicker if you don’t pause it.

Self-interrupting is an enormous issue for me — and therefore, I can only assume, for others. The only way I can get through anything without opening a different device, app, website, bottle of water, note book, daydream window, etc is to try to develop some kind of compassion for Future Me.

Ah, Future Me. That patsy. All the crap gets dumped on Future Me: the energy cost of late nights, the financial woes, the empty larders marked ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ and ‘fitness’. Sometimes it’s just thoughtlessness, other times I actually screw with Future Me on purpose! What a psychopath I am. …


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