A Closer Look at Miracle 10 Skincare

If you are into skincare and you are looking for a solution for discolouration, dullness, fine lines and texture then you can try Miracle 10 Skincare. Miracle 10 is a Canadian company based in Toronto and all of their products are made local and is cruelty free. They currently sell in stores in the East Coast and they can also be purchased at The Ten Spot in Yaletown (Vancouver)! I am quite excited to get my hands on the products in store or online (nothing better than shopping in PJs!) They were kind enough to send over their travel collection for me to try since they know that I’ve been in the search for a skincare line that works.

Miracle 10 Skincare Review
Miracle 10 Travel Collection for Normal / Maturing Skin

The Claim: Miracle 10 Philosophy

Miracle 10 was named after the visible results that you may achieve after using it for a period of 10 hours, 10 days and 10 weeks. I’ve experienced both 10 hours and 10 days but I can’t wait to see the results for 10 weeks. I’ve religiously used the line for day and night and I can say IT WORKS! And yes this is 100% real because I have shared honest food reviews in the past for products that were sub par.

My Routine

I was gifted with their Normal/Maturing Skin Travel Collection which has the following:

  • Cleanser II (Day and Night)
  • Solution I (Day and Night)
  • Light Serum (Day)
  • AHA Gel I (Night)
  • Night (Night)

I use around 3–4 pumps of each product in my day and night routine (I would be a bit more generous with the pumps to maximize results but of course don’t over do it!)

Miracle 10 Skincare Before
Before: Signs of Discolouration, Acne and uneven texture (no makeup)

10 Hours: Noticeable Results in Smoothness and Clarity

Literally, in 10 Hours I saw a visible difference in smoothness. I can’t say clarity is a hit for me because I did have a few breakouts (If you know of a magic overnight acne clearing product, let me know!). The smoothness was definitely there, I think its the combination of AHA gel I and Night that really did the trick for me.

When I first applied it, the AHA gel I did have a bit of a tingly sensation but it soon wears off after a few minutes so I wasn’t too concerned about it.

Miracle 10 Skincare 10 Hours
10 Hours: Slight improvement in discolouration and smoother skin

10 Days: Visible improvement in discolouration and dullness

Now that I’ve been using this product religiously, I can see the improvement in discolouration and dullness paired with smoothness and clarity. My boyfriend can attest to this as well and say “wooooo it’s starting to be baby smooth”. And you know men, they really don’t care much about skincare but even when they notice, you know its working!

I used to have redness in my cheeks, uneven skin tone and lacked life. After using it for 10 days, my skin is definitely smoother and discolouration has reduced. If I am comparing this to makeup then in 10 days you achieve the appearance of having tinted moisturizer on! I’ll probably do an update in 10 weeks to see how fine lines and pores will diminish.

Apologies on the quality, Vancouver has been quite the #raincouver lately…and photo was taken on my iPhone for the 10 day look 😶

Miracle 10 Skincare

My Recommendation

I haven’t used the products independently so I can’t say how they will with other products but my advice is to try the Travel Collection. It gives you the essential Day through Night routine that lasts for around 1.5–2 Months. While $135 is not exactly cheap, you do get the entire range to try. If you’ve seen my other blog posts about skincare, you know I’ve spent over $200 CDN on just a bottle of Essence, so this is definitely a life changer for my wallet and my skin.

If you’re not sure which one you should get, there is also a Skin Analysis Test to find out what skin type you are!

Miracle 10 Skincare Review

If you want to go all in, there is a full-size starter collection as well which is overall, a lot cheaper than purchasing the product individually.


Get 20% off with GRACE20 which brings it down to $108 (before tax) for an entire day through night routine and they also do free shipping over $75 for Canadians! (Hooray for Free Shipping in Canada). The code does Expire This Friday (October 21st, 2016)

If you are into skincare and have tried the huge labels, give this one a go. It doesn’t break the bank and it’s worked well for me! That said, everyone’s skin type is different so I can’t guarantee results (sorry!) but if you have any questions let me know and I’ll try my very best to answer them for you!

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