Imagination is the key to unlocking every access to your reality than that of logic and beliefs. Logic and beliefs can only get you from lower ground to higher ground,however, imagination proceeds to get you everywhere even beyond what you could ever dream. There is no limitation to the vast places that your vivid imagination can soar to. So many of us have forgotten what it is like to dream. We have replaced our imaginations with the thoughts of what’s logical or not, and what’s believable or what isn’t so believable. Logic and belief caps our mental capacity limiting the obscure thoughts we had as children.

I recently visited a family and through all the things I could be amazed with, I was amazed by the imaginative nature of a child. I was captivated by how far his imagination spanned to. In his eyes, all I could see was bliss and beauty. I did not see beliefs and logic. I did nothing but hold back tears for all those precious memories I had as a child/ came rushing to my aid. In the deepest corners of our mind lies a child who dares to dream /wishing that he or she could go back to the time where nothing made sense but it was the most beautiful and happiest moments of our being.

Now that we are adults we see less and are confused. When we were children we saw more and lived in abundance. As adults, we go by what we were taught and analyze things in the way that only logic and belief are the source. We limit our imagination because the world has taught us that imagination doesn’t get you anywhere. It tells you that only hard work coupled with logic and belief can get you to your highest potential. In you imagination there is no dialogue, no one size fits all, no rules, no condemnation, no heartache, no work, there is only freedom. When you see your imagination in tangible form, to others it will look like work but to you all it took was one thought.

I would like for you to experience what it feels like to be a child again. Monitor your children or other children to see how they navigate life. Look through the lenses of life that they look through and I am sure you will find the most simplistic form of living that you have dared to even realize before. You will seize from ever trying to do anything. You will care less of what others say about you. Everything will make sense to you after so many years of trying to figure it out in your adult mind. Dare to let your mind roam freely in the abyss. Do not let your adult mind confuse you. Your have to remember that your adult mind is conditioned to think differently now so you have to control it. You control what you are thinking at each given moment by not thinking on the far edges of light and dark but at the center of it all.


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Heidi Malone

Heidi Malone

Practitioner of Centeredness, Forever student of life, Writer, Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Artist, Naturalist, Carpe Diem practitioner, Optimist, Trainer