AERIAL CREATORS: @cenitalchile

Creating art from the air is not always a piece of cake for the agencies. Most of the times it involves working really hard on delivering things that are not easy to accomplish.

Today, we talk with Felipe Acuña & Nicolás Arancibia from Cenital, from Chile, an amazing creators who are in love with the cities. Give yourself a minute and read about trends, finding (or not finding) a right spot and also subjectivity. Have a great read!

How to make sure, yet before the photoshoot, that your and your client’s expectations/visions will come together?

We are extremely critics with our job. Also big observers of all which surround us; art, aesthetic, photography, design and trends. That’s the principle reason about how we are reading everyday trends, developing strategies, campaigns, etc. Keep always viewing further, thinking on the next step or the people and society reaction. So that is what make you capable of improving your impact and making your engagement something interesting and valuable on time.

Every week, every day, we give us some time to discuss and dialogue about everything which could be interesting, as fashion, technology, products, food, culture, trips or religion. Always looking for cultural issues, social events, artistic facilities, and all related with the social, national and international idiosyncrasy of the filming & arts industry. Among this, we enrich our mission with our local knowledge, with our big love to cities, with our big city passions, etc.

Finding a right spot for aerial photography is crucial, just as in traditional photography. Though, as we know, it’s a bit harder, as you don’t hold the camera in your hands. How do you find a right angle and place to make photos? Do you google places before? Do you make a lot of photos before you will get to the right one?

We don’t. Our job grows up from experimentation, we are faithfully convinced in the creation of personal and unique trends. That’s the message we are spreading on the cloud. Doing our own business, inside this big toy industry. Where all people feel they can reach the sky using a drone.

Many times, we are overflying monuments, parks or even open landscapes. Looking for some specific photography, and suddenly, we got realised, that the spot we were thinking to freeze, was not the one. So, therefore, we start flying beyond and surprisingly the light, the geometry, the textures and colours get together to offer new possibilities and finally communicate something undescribable.

Generally, we are invited to many trips, expeditions and also we are constantly moving from place to place. But most important thing, we are everyday drone carrying guys. Being always prepared for one spectacular shot, in one and the only moment, that’s what we are chasing in our 24/7 lifestyle.

A while ago you did a special project with Cerveza Peumo, can you tell us more about it?

A few months ago we started conversations with a local microbrewed beer, where Cenital become an important character on communicating the lifestyle and concept of the brand. No one did it before and we are working and delighting on bringing the beer to our trips, drinking some in our resting times in expeditions and giving them a story and something to tell besides of being only a bottle of beer. We are always seeking to improve our work, searching for interesting brands which pursuit the same concepts as we do.

And finally — can you give our readers and us 3 tips on how to find a client for aerial photography services?

  1. We believe in the personal development, related with your artistic and subjective side. We also trust in the interpretation, and the first creative instincts besides using references. We think having troubles, having fails, errors and working out your comfort zone will return back some better than bads things in time. Among this we think is very important to explore your personal trend in the artistic world. Research about you is to develop and give it your personal trace.
  2. Tech is not always giving the solution or opening all the world doors. Can you start with simple drones or cameras, but always get focus on your value proposal and in what you want to communicate. Also do not forget observation, composition, place, light and all decisive terms which will drive to a great final result.
  3. Sometimes got to be risky.