AERIAL CREATORS: @marcuscederberg

Author of photos:

Some say minimalism is a way of living, while others would say it’s a constant search for a simplicity in and around our lives. Both are probably right, especially after reading a talk with Marcus Cederberg — a photographer we found on his Instagram profile.

Marcus’s photos are definitely a visual answer for minimalism. Aesthetically very quiet, but at the same time so eloquent in content. We fell in love with them from the very beginning!

On how to find a good composition, about differences between taking photos from the ground and from the air and also about first times — here is our talk with Marcus Cederberg!

Author of photos:

Your photos are very minimalistic, but they say a lot anyway. Could you tell us more about the story you try to tell with your photos? What do you look for?

Thank you so much! I think the answer is a combination of randomness and being a minimalist in real life. Randomness in the sense that it was a minimalistic picture that rendered my first feature on Instagram. But I’ve always appreciated pictures based on simplicity where a few items, often but not always combined with negative space, tell a small story or have some sort of twist. I always have the radar ”on”, always looking for motive (a habit that sometimes run my family crazy).

You’re taking photos both from the ground and from the air (drone). What would you say are the biggest challenges photographers need to face while taking photos from a drone?

I think its three major things, the first one is to learn to use your gear, your hardware and software. It’s the same as having a DSLR camera, to fully be able to use all its features, you have to know how it works.

The second one is to check out the local regulations where you are planning to fly!

And the third is to relax, to dare! If you have bought a more advanced drone, trust it when it comes to flying (you are of course the pilot and responsible for take off preparations) but relax and focus on photographs of filming, on the creative part of flying. That’s where the fun is!

Author of photos:

What did you feel when you first used a drone to take a photograph? What was your reaction?

I was completely terrified! My first longer flight outside the beginners mode was over the ocean and it was with a pumping pulse I saw it up there… And at the same time I had grin all over my face, it’s a fantastic feeling and yes definitely, like a new world of opportunities just opened up.

And now — give us two tips about taking a photos from the air. One inspirational and one technical, please :)

Haha, ok! The inspirational tips is as described above, let the drone fly and focus on the creative process. How would you think if you where up there with your ordinary camera gear — then try to use the drones camera the same way!

The technical one is to don’t forget to use the gimbal (if your drone has one) meaning use both the horizontal and diagonal view, sometimes I have flown watching the horizon and discovered awesome motives when tilting the camera.