Brand new gimbal: InfinityMR 360

HD Air Studio
Jun 13, 2016 · 1 min read

We’re extremely happy to announce premiere of our newest, and the best ever gimbal: InfinityMR 360! We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let us give you this straight!

What’s new in our newest gimbal?

  • slipring connector, this wire allows for an unlimited number of turns in the Yaw axis, offering the possibility of taking 360 shots endlessly
  • encoders located on all 3 axes stand for even better and more stable shooting
  • the possibility of placing a battery on the very drone, what lowers the overall weight and enables to prolong the flight time (one battery responsible for powering both a drone and a gimbal is installed, the latter absorbs little power thanks to the encoders)
  • greater flexibility in terms of the camera movements experienced by the camera operator
  • the possibility of managing the shutter control and the image transmission in real-time thanks to 4 extra cables which can be used to connect additional equipment

See more about InifintyMR 360 here.

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