HyperDao to Hold Crowdfunding Campaign to Become Libra Validator Node

Jun 19 · 1 min read
Image courtesy of Libra White Paper

Social media giant, Facebook, recently released the White Paper for their cryptocurrency, Libra— on the 18th of June.

This document specifies the company’s plans to establish an independent governing entity with the purpose of facilitating and supervising the cryptocurrency, and governing nodes to verify transactions.

To become a node companies are able to make an investment to Libra.

HyperDao plans to crowdfund the investment needed to run such a node, with details to come in the future. This will be held on HyperDao’s upgraded website HDAO.io.

Facebook’s Libra Promotional Video

HyperDao originates from LEEKICO, a well-known blockchain crowdfunding platform, having provided financing aid for over 70 blockchain projects.

HyperDao will officially announce its business range in the near future, and is committed to building a decentralised financial ecosystem. The crowdfunding for Libra node campaign will be the first project on HyperDao after its upgrade.

You can find out more about Libra from their website, more about the Libra Association from this page, and more about becoming a node here.