Facebook And Google’s Russian Ad Scandal Could Leave An Opening For Amazon
Fast Company

A WSJ article today explained that Facebook booked a hundred thousand dollars worth of Russian ads. Facebook runs forty million dollars in ads a day. A quarter of the ads ran more than six months before the election, and half the ads ran after the election.

Oh, and Hillary/Trump spent 2.3 billion on their campaigns. The $25k spent which you might be able to argue impacted someone’s vote is a rounding error on Trumps ass.

Amazon, through their house owned propaganda outlet the Washington Post, might capitalize on this so called “scandal” and convince people they are more “trustworthy” than Facebook or Google, but Amazon is no different, and the tech giants won’t change. They make a mint everu time we ooen our mouths, controversy is their biggest moneymaker. If they have to manufacture some to line their pockets, so be it.

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