He wasn’t “provoked.”
Kendra Anthrope

After the toddler temper tantrum by progressives over the past six months calling gloating repugs denenerant is disingenuous at best.

If you don’t realize journalists routinely and deliberately ask pointed questions in order to provoke a “newsworthy” response they can use to smear their target, you need to read up.

The “journalist” provoked a politician. The politician assaulted the reporter. The politician has been charged, and the local court will mete out local justice.

Personally I find both of these gentlemen a bit extreme. Mr Jacobs for his partisanship, and Mr Gianforte’s ultra creationist religious beliefs.

Two items about Mr Jacobs stood out. One was a Guardian article he wrote about Mr Gianforte on April 28th headlined “GOP candidate Greg Gianforte has financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies” Turns out Mr Gianforte professionally managed equities account includes $250K worth of Russia index funds. For those who don’t know index funds invest across the entire economy of a country, so the performance tracks the country’s financial performance rather than individual stocks. Next, Mr Gianforte apparently didn’t even pick the index, and third, his portfolio is valued in the hundreds of millions. A quarter mill is a rounding error. That Mr Gianforte might be a bit angry about an article attempting to paint him as a friend of oligarchs appears reasonable.

The second item was more problematic for Mr Jacobs. He sent out a tweet on March 8th 2014 after a CPAC speech by Benji Backer.

Ben Jacobs ✔ @Bencjacobs

“Left, right and center, straight news and opinion, journalists at CPAC have one thing in common, the overwhelming urge to punch Benji Backer”

That’s all fine and good, except that Mr Backer was sixteen years old.

What do you think of a guy who thinks all the adult professional journalists covering CPAC have an urge to punch out a 16 year old kid?

I’m not sure he ever issued an apology. I couldn’t find one.

I stand by my original opinion.

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