The Trump Generation — How today’s young will change the world
Ben Chapman

Ben, every generation of young people is idealistic and want to do the right thing. Then they grow up and start having to actually pay for all those wonderful ideas. Your perspective shifts, your priorities shift, especially once you have a clearer picture of just how incredible it is to live in a semblance of peace every day.

The government over the past few decades has been making great progress building a great future for your generation. The problem is, tens of millions of decent people are paying the price for it, and they think the government should work for them too.

You want to work in public policy to make the world a better place. To a lower middle class working man, that means you want a government job with the power to force your fellow citizens to live their lives following your rules. Don’t be surprised they’re skeptical that you actually have their best interests at heart.

I do appreciate your positive spin on the morning after the election. I’m glad you and your friends were capable of reflection. You’re right though. Most of those people looked at the eight years under Obama, where he focused on social justice and ratcheting up regulations while ignoring all impact on the zero growth economy, and decided we needed a change. Many of them didn’t vote for Trump so much as anyone but Hillary or Bernie.

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