Really. Neither my wife or I have ever gone in for an MRI, but my wife did need a CT scan while in…
Craig Axford

Craig, my wife is Canadian and we hear about her relatives issues caused by care rationing quite frequently.

The facts about prescriptions not being covered by insurance, the long waits for imaging services, and the fact that much of those costs aren’t covered came from the Canadian press.

I think what I have the biggest problem with are that citizens cannot buy private insurance and medical professionals, which everyone claims do not work for the government, are entirely at the mercy of government. With insurance disallowed, you take the payment the government offers or your only income source is people affluent enough to bypass the government system.

Canadian medical professionals are, in essence, slaves of the state. That system may work for most, and enough for you to defend it, but that doesn’t make it right.

Someone mentioned lower admn costs, as if an unfirable government bureaucrat is more efficient than a private sector worker.

The primary ways Canada manages costs is wage suppression, lack of prescription coverage, and a legal system which doesn’t have to bear the costs of the US malpractice system.