Yes he did win a close election through gerrymandered districts that go against popular opinion.
David LeValley

Dems gerrymandered for a hundred years, now the shoe is on the other foot.

According to Comey, Trump has never been under investigation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a Trump hanger on or a Russian intelligence officer tried to leverage that proximity, and from reports, it appears someone in the Trump camp aggressively made use of material hacked or manufactured by Russian actors. However i don’t see that as any different from the left and the press using the BS opposition research dossier developed on Trump that accused him of peeing all over the bed Hillary slept in. Both campaigns and certainly the press have played fast and loose with the facts in their efforts to manipulate the truth. None of that, however, is treason. Flynn has never been a friend to Russia and there is plenty of written evidence he always viewed them as a threat. I think he was fired because his mistatements to Pence were outed by the press. His conversation with the Russians was no different than Obama telling them he could be more flexible after the 2012 election because he wouldn’t have to face voters for his actions. That is all typical political maneuvering.

What the left has engaged in beginning with changing the rules on sharing unmasked intelligence data, is a full press effort to paralyze the office of the President, smear and discredit any and all of his cabinet members, make it impossible for him to govern, and then claim he’s incompetent to govern in the first place. And no, i don’t include legitimate marches or protests.

All those efforts actually do endanger the country, really are designed to remove him from office by any means necessary, and are a clear and present danger to representative government.

Trump has no more individual power than Obama, both need the cooperation of congress to enact major changes. I think the fact that repugs control congress and the presidency, and actually can enact change is the real fear of behind the scenes progressives. The problem is there is a very fine line between legitimate protest or opposition, and actual interfering with the executive branch’s ability to function.

Worse, progressives can clearly see the chaos they are creating. They can see the how it contributes to global instability. They don’t care. They want Trump to make a mistake under pressure. They want an international incident. Just as long as it helps them remove him from power. They don’t appear to give any though to the ramifications. Should they succeed, do you think Trump supporters are just going to roll over? How many millions will no longer trust free elections? How will that play out on the streets?

The left is playing a very dangerous game that risks democracy itself.

Remember Romney? You guys laughed in his face when he named Russia a primary geopolitical foe. Then Russia invaded Ukraine, and backed Assad. Now Russia is the arch enemy of the left and Trump is accused of collusion. Make up your mind.

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