Russiagate Is Bullshit, And We Fucking Told You So
Caitlin Johnstone

Have you seen the Circa piece on why the FBI may have gone after Flynn in the first place?

Did you know the dem leadership in the house blocked Carter Page and a dozen others from testifying before the House Intelligence committee?

How about this guy, who handed the FBI 47 hard drives with 600 million classified documents detailing NSA spying on American citizens in violation of the constitution;

Here are some details of what the Obama administration actually did;

Did you know Obama ordered the NSA to share unmasked intelligence intercepts of Americans with all 17 US intelligence agencies, three days before leaving office? 17 possible sources makes leaking classified info much easier..

There’s a major conspiracy all right, and plenty of people committing felonies, but the worked for Obama and Clinton.

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