That’s a reasonable point.
Taylor Griffin

Hey, I completely agree Trump was wrong to share it. However what may endanger the asset who provided the intel isn’t Trump sharing the infom it’s the Washington Post and the NY Times talking about it in detail, and the only reason they’re talking about it is to ratchet up the pressure on trump. It’s reported that Obama did almost exactly the same thing twice in the past year, and all the press did was yawn. The real issue isn’t an erratic Trump, it’s the highly coordinated effort to depose a sitting president, beginning with Obama loosening controls on signals intelligence and the White House’s mass distribution of intelligence data on Trump staffers.

This is a transparent and well executed conspiracy, and regardless of whether Trump is smart or incompetent, the battle is thousands to one.

What happens to democracy if they get away with it? Will another opposition party candidate ever be allowed to assume the presidency?

Trump can’t hurt us much. The witch hunt however, could destroy democracy itself.

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