One Easy Certifiable Way to Keep Male Perverts out of Public Restrooms
Jessica Compton

I could care less about adults at Fitness Planet. I could care less about bathrooms of any kind.

I do, however question the idea of basically co-ed locker rooms for junior high girls and boys undergoing the agony of puberty and having enough trouble coming to terms with their own bodies without being confronted with things like penises in the girl’s locker room. I was especially angry at Obama’s very clumsy refusal of a district’s offer of a private bathroom for a transgender student, instead issuing a policy requiring schools to accept transgender students into the locker room of their choice, while ignoring the impact on every other student, and threatening to withhold school district funding over the issue.

While I applaud efforts to improve the school experience for marginalized students, i believe middle school locker rooms, or any space where children are required to undress or shower in front of each other is a step too far.

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