Western Philosophy Caused Alternative Facts
Riley Haas

I couldn’t quite follow your table example. Before a table can exist, someone has to create one in their mind. And trust me, the first physical manifestations of our ideas are almost always quite clumsy, and no, the table will never exist before the idea of one.

And while I never thought of ideals as some reality that previously existed, I certainly never had much difficulty balancing the objective reality of our existence with the unattainable ideals most of us strive to achieve, they are not incompatible.

You spend lot of time ridiculing so called utopians. Do you classify anyone who wants to aspire to something better a utopian?

That I believe justice is a worthy aspiration make me weak, or a utopian? Would you judge me less harshly if I ignored all morals and used force to take what I want from the weak, accepting the objective truth that I can?

I look forward to your next essay.

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