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I find it interesting that state government officials and now the press are criticizing a private charity for not doing the state’s job nor FEMA’s, taking care of their citizens. The Red Cross and all the other disaster response organizations that mobilize after disasters aren’t well funded government agencies with paid staff and equipment sitting on standby waiting for deployment, they are staffed mostly by volunteers and rely on corporate donations. In fact, most of the stories I heard during and soon after the Louisiana floods were about local and state officials refusing access to non-profit volunteers trying to rescue people or deliver supplies.

Much like Katrina, the floods were both a natural and man made disaster, and the misery was grossly exacerbated by government corruption and incompetence. Where were the state and federal disaster response teams? Where were their supplies? Where was their volunteer coordination? Smearing an organization that relies on volunteers and donations and routinely offers aid to those in need is pretty low, especially when most of the failures were by government. And one more thing. In a state routinely lashed by hurricanes, tropical storms, 40–60 inches of rain a year and covered with rivers ponds and swamps, the vast majority of people in Louisiana dont bother to purchase (cheap) flood insurance. In the list of those responsible for slow recovery after the flood, citizens are t the top of the list, then local, state and federal agencies, and lastly the non-profits. Kudos to the Red Cross for being willing to routinely work with bureaucrats who deflect attention from their own incompetence by smearing the Red Cross.

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