To say I’m beyond disgusted by the RETHUG responses to your article is an understatement.
Didi Miesen

I found her story gut wrenching and tragic, but blaming the federal government for the reality that a nutjob is still out there and could still hurt her is an unreasonable stretch. There is a long list of people/institutions to blame long before the health insurers or federal policy makers, starting with the perp himself, the police, and the courts. None of whom would ignore the physical injuries, and few of whom would fail to bring the man up on charges. Understanding that reality doesn’t make me uneducated, or stupid, nor does it negatively impact my parenting.

If she chose to use her story to advocate for victims, to point out flaws in the system, to suggest policy changes at the local state or federal level, the vast majority would stand beside her or back her up. Using her tragic story to paint the GOP as unfeeling bastards is something she chose to do in her headline, and for what? So progressive readers could all nod their heads and blame their political enemies as a bunch of fools? What a collossal waste, and yes, even a tragedy. Her pain is real. Writing it down and sharing it was traumatic and painful, why would anyone subject themselves to all that to draft a political hit piece?

Kiva, thank you for being brave and sharing your agony. I truly hope you can find peace and leave the terror behind. I don’t share your politics, but your story matters, to all of us.

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