Dillard Should’ve Been The Last Place For Black Students to Get Pepper Sprayed
Jarrett Carter Sr.

I had to look this one up.

A media company rented the hall and broadcast a debate between the six Louisiana candidates running for senate, including the infamous David Duke.

The event was closed to students and the public. There were no barriers of any kind to protesters, and the student government made no attempts to interfere with the event.

Protesters found an open door on the back of the hall and attempted to storm the building. Campus police repeatedly asked protesters to allow them to close the door, and as you can see from the photograph, protesters attempted to climb over the police, and were pepper sprayed for their efforts.

I’m no fan of David Duke, but it’s not like he was a speaker invited by the university to give a speech. In this instance, he was one of six senate candidates a television station invited for a debate, in a closed hall.