I find myself agreeing.
David Fiske

I think Hillary simply missed her window of opportunity with Obama’s sudden rise. Both the 2008 and 2016 elections were about the demand for change. Many who voted for Obama didn’t agree with his policies any more than all Trump voters agree with his. Both won because people were fed up with entrenched political leadership in both parties that was perceived as failing the citizenry. Hillary is part of that political elite, clearly leans toward the establishment, and was out of step with the times. Her decisions to collect quarter million dollar paychecks for speeches to bankers and venture capitalists, to set up a private server (to control public access to her communications, even as a public servant), and her decision to allow the Clinton foundation to continue to accept massive foreign donations while she served as SoS all combined to kill her credibility as an agent of change.

When she was attacked for being an establishment politician, she had no defense.

All that said, she didn’t lose in a vacuum. Quite a number of people reject the vapid screaming PC crowd calling millions racists, homophobes, bigots and misogynists, demanding everyone who disagrees “shut up”. I mean seriously. Yesterday a UVa professor (founded by Thomas Jefferson), was called out by hundreds of fellow professors and students for including a Thomas Jefferson quote in an email to students after the election. BTW, if you think that’s reasonable it’s called cognitive dissonance. LOL.

Back to my point, millions were thrilled to stick it to those hyperventilating snowflakes by voting for the most un-PC guy on the planet.

The left thinks Trump voters just ignored all that rhetoric. They didn’t They’re not racists or “deplorable”, they were just telling the left to go fuck themselves.

The left thought they had obliterated the right in 2008, that the majority agreed with their politics. There were no protests, no riots, no crying. Crikets. Crikets? Hey, the war is over, we won. So what did the left do? They set about gleefully and condescendingly telling tens of millions of people that they were irrelevant. Obama said they were clinging to guns and religion. He told them, “we won”, you can “ride in the back”. So back and watch those speeches and press conferences. The arrogance and condescension began with Obama and spread throughout the left. It became OK to “Other” people for being conservative, or religious, or White, and the left responded, enthusiastically.

Hillary lost because democrats didn’t turn out like they did for Obama, because the White Working Class got mad enough at being ignored they actually went to the polls, and because a few million more wanted to send a message to all those smirking left coast elites.

Here’s my favorite take;


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