I disagree with your analysis of the meeting between Trump Jr and the Russians.
Paul Greblo

A USAToday story this morning mentioned an important detail that I missed.

The meeting between Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer happened before the Clinton/Podesta/DNC emails were released, before anyone knew about the email hack, and before anyone even brought up the entire Russia/Trump collusion narrative.

Something tells me Trump Jr’s email exchange may actually be the event which led to the White House surveilling the Trump campaign team, Podesta and company blaming Russian hackers, but refusing to allow the FBI to forensically inspect their server, the Susan Rice unmasking scandal, the wide dissemination of the Trump/Putin collusion theory which led to multiple comments by Evelyn Farkas, and Obama changing the rules for handling intelligence on American citizens three days before leaving office.

When Trump Jr talked to this lawyer, none of that had happened yet.

Below are two videos of Evelyn Farkas.

As you watch these videos, keep in mind that Ms Farkas resigned from the State Department in 2015 and later joined the Hillary campaign. That means she had no security clearance, and no legal access to any classified information, including intelligence information about members of the Trump campaign.

The first video includes comments she made at the Warsaw Security Forum in the last week of October 2016, two weeks before the election. The host questions her about what the future holds after the election. The question and her response begin around the 8:30 mark.

So what information did Ms Farkas have (before the election)that led her to opine that Trump would be impeached or removed soon after the election?

Next we have Ms Farkas’ MSNBC interview from the end of March 2017. I apologize for not posting the original MSNBC tape, I could not find it on YouTube. The leading commentary in this version is only seconds long, her interview immediately follows.

What I hear in her comments, is an admission that many both inside the Obama administration and outside the government were cooperating/conspiring to spread intelligence on Trump and his team, that a tremendous level of effort was expended, and I believe she also explains why Mr Obama changed the rules on intelligence dissemination immediately before leaving office. It was done to facilitate leaks, and undermine the new administration. Recall also that Ms Rice, before admitting to unmasking American citizens during the closing days of the Obama administration, denied knowing anything about it.

Here is Susan Rice on NPR on 3–22 Start at the beginning;

And here is Bloomberg on April 3rd;

While there is virtually no actual evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, there is quite a bit of evidence that Putin launched a massive disinformation campaign to undermine the US, and that the Obama administration skirted or broke several laws in their attempts to undermine Mr Trump, who I think they honestly believe actively colluded with Russia.

The only winner here is Putin.

I think you missed my point. I didn’t say it was innocent, I said it wasn’t criminal. As for Putin, I’m asking you to take off the partisan blinders for a moment.

Putin’s goal is not and never was “collusion” with Trump, it was destabilization of the US, and sowing citizens doubts about the electoral process and suspicion of our government. He’s accomplished that in spades. To some degree I think he’s lost control of the monster he helped create.

When it comes to Mr Trump, many on the left no longer appear capable of objective thought. The man may be a buffoon and a caricature of everything you hate, but he’s not conspiring with Putin and he’s not going to turn the US into a fascist dictatorship. Putin could care less whether Hillary or Trump occupy the White House, his game is chaos.

I do think the Trump campaign social media efforts run by Kushner closely monitored Russian propaganda efforts and cynically capitalized on them, but it was never a two way coordinated effort. If Putin actually wanted to do that, it would take a very large number of individuals cooperating in actual treason. The idea that any one of those people would do that is far fetched. The idea that a whole team of them could is beyond the bounds of reason.

Besides all the tail chasing I already mentioned, we also had Obama changing the rules on intelligence sharing in order to facilitate leaks and paralyze the Trump administration. We had Susan Rice working overtime to identify any Russian talking to the Trump team, using those efforts to unmask anyone associated with Trump. You’ve got Ms Farkas, who hasn’t been part of the government nor had a security clearance for about two years talking on camera like she knows exactly what is going on and has been fully briefed about White House efforts to contain Trump. We’ve got daily or weekly leaks of intelligence intercepts of people like Trump’s National Security Advisor, and the transcripts printed in the NY Times and the Washington Post. The idea that a 30 year marine, a four star general with extensive intelligence experience, who has written extensively about how dangerous Russia is, would collude with his lifelong enemy is laughable.

Yet the Obama team believed it. Progressives believe it. The press wants to believe it.

Think about the volume of intelligence resources looking inward, away from our enemies. The level of distrust within the White House itself. The extraordinary efforts of the previous administration to spy on their replacements.

Recall the hacking of several states election systems? No one accessed actual vote processing systems. They rattled around at web sites front door and left obvious fingerprints, but changed nothing. What did we do? The feds tried to declare election systems “critical infrastructure” and tried to put them under federal oversight. Never mind that every single county or parish in the country has it’s own system and you’d have to deeply attack hundreds of systems to impact an election. Resources even Putin doesn’t have.

I have a hunch some of it was done to specifically rattle Hillary because we did similar things to Putin.

The Obama administration went to great effort to undermine Netanyahu’s election, going so far as to monitor the communications of US senators and private individuals who were trying to help him. The CIA also hacked into the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee because they thought the committee has a copy of a report on rendition the CIA didn’t want senators to see. The CIA Inspector General ADMITTED it happened.

I’m getting a little off base here, but the point is, Putin’s efforts have been widespread, never required the cooperation of Mr Trump, and is accomplishing exactly what he wanted, primarily because the entire democrat party is ignoring Putin and projecting his efforts onto Trump.

Trump Jr’s amateur hour meeting with a Russian lawyer isn’t collusion, but it is a gold plated invitation for Putin to do exactly what he’s been doing for over a year, keep us all chasing our own tails.

Trump is a pawn. Should the dems precipitate a constitutional crisis by trying to remove Trump from office and paralyze our government, Putin will be absolutely thrilled.

Be very careful what you wish for.

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