You want to talk about statues?
stephanie jo kent

I was born and educated in Texas. I’ve spent the past fifty years studying history. First the revolutionary war and the formation of our government. Then the Civil War, and WWII. I’ve read up on Korea, and Viet Nam, and even post WWII Europe. But I never went back and looked at Texas history until I was researching the history of the plantation the subdivision I live in was built on. We were told the Civil War never amounted to much in Texas, and there weren’t that many slaves. We were taught that Texas war with Mexico where we won our independence was just. I was proud of that history all my life, until I learned just why Texas went to war with Mexico in the first place. It was because Mexico outlawed slavery. That bit about the war barely encroaching on Texas? That’s a “white lie” too. Almost 70% of the population of the county I live in were slaves in 1860. The two closest counties were even higher.

To change the minds of millions like me, taught “white washed” and incomplete history is going to take a great deal of reeducation. Compassion for their ignorance wouldn’t hurt either. I mean, how could I study history for fifty years and not know that. I’m mortified.

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