Ok, so where is the essay explaining the behavior of all those wonderful democrat supporters in San…
David Cearley

I wasn’t really trying to be snarky when I posted this, but the article on Medium in the aftermath of the San Jose attacks wasn’t a piece denouncing the behavior, or worrying what will happen if civility breaks down on both sides, it was a three day old piece denouncing Trump. To be clear I’m not a fan of Trump. Neither could I vote for an out of touch crony capitalist felony criminal named Clinton, nor for an avowed socialist whose misguided policies would create misery for millions. If those three are the best a country of three hundred million can come up with as a leader we are all in very serious trouble. Still, you can’t blame Trump for a mob of punks cornering a woman against locked doors while spitting on her and throwing eggs in her face. Much less the same mob waving Mexican flags and chanting “California Mexico”, or a group stalking people walking down the street and knocking them out for attending a political rally. If you don’t believe me go watch the dozen or so videos, they’re available everywhere but MSNBC and HuffPro.

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