The Trump Dossier: Explained
Berny Belvedere

It’s pretty clear the goal is the same one that’s been followed since the day of the election, i.e., delegitimize Trump at ANY cost so that it becomes impossible for him to govern.

What i find astounding is that the public’s measure of press credibility has sunk so low that the whole thing backfired during Trump’s news conference and arguably did more harm to the journalists than to Mr Trump. As several have pointed out, the only thing accomplished by this fiasco is that should the press report some legitimate verifiable scandal, the public will be likely to ignore it.

The core item in the dossier is that Mr Trump hired a bunch of prostitutes in Moscow to give each other golden showers on a hotel bed Hillary supposedly slept in. It also contains a report on a meeting between a Trump attorney and a Putin representative in Prague, when the man was actually touring a California college campus with his son. A fact easily verified, eapecially by US intelligence agencies. Why wasn’t it? Also not mentioned here are reports that the material was presented to Obama/Trump as examples of Russian disinformation, not as facts. The mishandling of this incident by the intelligence agencies and the press is far more serious than has been reported.