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John, i have my own issues with US immigration policies, but most of your assertions here are flat wrong. A huge percentage of illegal immigration is NOT economic refugees from Mexico, they are people with educations and resources from all over the world. Next, tjey absolutely do start businesses and create jobs. Some if them are Silicon Valley elites, many are construction contractors or subcontractors all over the country, and they produce massive levels of wealth, jobs, and tax revenue. Current policy says those people must leave the country in order to apply for legal status, and the waiting list is backed up for years, a huge disincentive for anyone hoping to stay. With an undocumented population of several million, a percentage will turn out to be violent criminals. Smearing all immigrants with the crimes of the few is irresponsible at best. Your economic assertions however, are mostly bogus. At the same time, dem immigration policy has little to do with immigration and a great deal to do with creating more dem voters.

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