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John, John. Now why’d you have to go and open up a whole nuther can of worms.

Though, in a nutshell, you just explained why no one has been willing to actually close the borders..

If people actually understood just how badly our governments, local, state, and federal, are screwing us all there would be a revolution.

Politicians do face a real dilemma. Citizens want world class services, but the majority of the public refuses to fund said services, and if the politicians don’t give the citizens what they want, the politician ends up unemployed.

So the politicians get real creative and come up with ways to hide the cost from citizens, or, even better, push the costs out far enough that the guy who screwed you has retired before the bill arrives in the mailbox.

Public sector unions finance political campaigns. In return, elected politicians give your money back using overgenerous union contracts.

Walker in Minnesota was a great example. Once he broke the union contract, state school districts no longer had to buy Teacher’s medical insurance from the union, they were able to buy on the open market. Total savings? Statewide teacher’s insurance costs dropped by almost a third.

Illinois had an even better scam. They decided that the parent caregivers of every disabled person in the state had to join the caregiver’s union. Then they collected union dues directly from children’s disability payments. California, though, takes the cake. First they pass unaffordable union contracts and pensions, then they amend state law so that no California municipality can get out of a union contract or pension obligation, even if they declare bankruptcy.

Have you ever heard of Policing for Profit? Look it up. And start with the DOJ report not on the Ferguson shooting, but on how the police department and the city were scamming the citizens.

Now we’re facing technological innovation that will wipe out millions of jobs, but our debt model is banking on ever larger numbers of taxpaying citizens.

We’ve painted ourselves into a corner.

You mentioned Japan, with debt that’s 300% of GDP. Here’s a stat that explains that number. In Japan, sales of adult diapers are now higher than baby diapers.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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