Hey David!
Kate Chan

Kate, you don’t have to try and talk to people all the time, you just have to send signals that you’re accessible, that you won’t bite their head off if THEY approach YOU, and try to start a conversation. Eye contact and a smile do that in spades. You might keep a book on the table when you go to the coffee shop. Don’t bury your head in it, but it does give anyone interested a conversation starter, they can ask about your book. It’s perfectly ok if you don’t want to start conversations, just go to places and do things that make it easy for people to start talking to you. Oh, and don’t turn down lame invites from friends unless you actually have to. Best wishes. What happened to me? I moped around for a few years, went through one tentative relationship, got remarried and adopted five kids from foster care, one at a time. LOL

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