Thanks for your kind words!
Ken Creary

Ken, the only point I disagree with you on is the bogus idea that Blacks are six times more likely to die in police custody. For that to be true, Blacks and other races would have to be stopped or arrested at the same rate, and they’re not. Why? Because according to the FBI, Black men, who account for 6% of the US population are responsible for 45% of all violent crime and 50% of all homicides. According to another FBI report from Los Angeles, Black men were TEN TIMES more likely to resist arrest.

While we both understand that actual criminals are a small subset of the whole number of Black men, police officers are well aware of crime statistics, and it affects their judgement during every stop. next, according to a Harvard University Study conducted by a progressive Black economist found much to his surprise that while Blacks are stopped by police at a higher rate, they are NOT killed at a higher rate. The NY Times article on the study is linked below;

What the Ferguson studies reveal is a willingness by municipal governments to prey on those least able to fight back against their abuses. Many communities use their police officers as armed revenue collectors, deliberately engaging in what some call Policing for Profit. My belief is that much of the animus toward police in poor communities across the country is a product of aggressive community policing policies combined with communities getting very creative about fine generation, ticket stacking, etc. Poor communities primary interaction with officers occurs when police are writing tickets, looking for additional infractions (for more fines), enforcing code violations, or seizing people’s property. Worse, when departments try to remove rogue officers, extremely powerful police unions stop them in their tracks. The city of Chicago wants to fire five officers who lied about why an unarmed man walking away from them was shot sixteen times. They WANT to fire them, but union contracts prevent the immediate dismissal of any officer. The system is rigged all right, it’s rigged against citizens of any color, and actively preys on those without the resources to fight abuse.

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