Sir, ALL of the hard core drugs in our neighborhoods came from the government.
Kiesha Joseph

Kiesha, I wish you were right, but sadly you are mistaken. Mr Ross purchased his cocaine from a large importer who got the attention of the CIA because he used some of his profits to fund the contra rebels, but he supplied according to numerous reports, “several metric tons” of cocaine and distributed it to several states. The buy he was busted for was 100 kilos in a single delivery. Also, I wasn’t trying to blame the drug trade on any minority. From my point of view Mr Ross, and Frank Matthews were two very driven intelligent Black men denied opportunity in the normal economy, applied their smarts to the drug trade, and became two of the most successful drug traffickers in history. (Matthews directly imported heroin, Ross, crack and powder cocaine.) While it appears Mr Ross was set up, in order to buy a few million dollars worth of cocaine in a single shipment, he had to have a massive existing distribution network to absorb it.

Matthews may actually have been more successful than Ross. When he was arrested he bonded out and has never been heard from again.

Your assertion that no Black man actually imported large quantities of drugs on their own is patently false. Google these two. Their stories make fascinating reading.

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