Michael Tracey

Michael, you have to realize that the media live in a bubble too, and they honestly didn’t realize Trump’s message would resonate with ANYONE.

They believed that if they blanketed the airwaves, the twittersphere, Facebook and the news sites with anything Trump said, that the vast majority would reject him and vote for Hillary’s coronation.

Maybe the lesson is that if the media had been objective, had simply reported on Trump without the overt moralizing, and objectively covered both Hillary’s strengths and weaknesses, the massive backlash against the left wouldn’t have occurred.

Obama ran, and won, by allowing everyone to project what they wanted onto a shallow caricature of himself. Go back and watch some of those “wonderful”, but astoundingly shallow early speeches where he told people virtually nothing about what he intended to do. You’ll squirm in your seat and cringe. I mean, the Nobel Peace Prize for doing exactly NOTHING?

Fast forward eight years. All those people driven out of the public arena, Blocked on Facebook or banned on comment threads for daring to utter anything forbidden by the authoritarian cultural goon squad showed up at the polls and told the PC left to Fuck Off.

Instead of complaining about the normalization of Trump, the conversation should be about how the left deluded themselves into believing that the majority actually accepted the concept of celebrating racial diversity while condemning diversity of thought, and asserting that White males are solely responsible for all the world’s ills.

As for the term “normalization” being propagated by a bunch of lazy lemming “journalists”, Bullshit. Those in the mainstream political press actively coordinate their messaging, and do so for clearly articulated goals.

Rush Limbaugh, loved or hated by tens of millions, has done a helluva job of teaching people the realities of political messaging. He does so by playing back the speeches or remarks of as many as a dozen different democrat pundits or politicians, back to back, all making virtually the same comments, using the same labels, and all recorded within a 24–48 hour period. By doing so he makes the evidence of collusion irrefutable.

By throwing a weeks long temper tantrum, and doing everything in their power to delegitimize Mr Trump while drawing attention to their highly authoritarian tendencies, the left is scaring even political moderates from both parties.

Marching in the streets carrying foreign flags, chanting not my president, throwing molotov cocktails and openly questioning the legitimacy of a closely monitored free election in a free state, some on the left are clearly demonstrating that THEY are a greater danger to free society than the guy they’re protesting against. People are paying attention too, and they won’t forget.

Trump emboldening racists? The only thing Trump did to embolden them was demonstrate that free speech still exists, and the left hasn’t actually succeeded at silencing anyone.

Frankly I’m relieved. It’s far easier to combat bigotry and racism when people feel free to speak their mind.

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