President Trump Has Abandoned The Duties Of Commander-in-Chief
Ahmed Baba

Most of the military problems we’ve faced since WWII, and especially US soldiers who have died in essence, for nothing, have occurred due to the over-politicization of warfare, not too much power in the hands of generals. Generals don’t order soldiers to fight and die, and then change goals in the middle of a war, wasting blood and treasure, presidents do that.

What almost all subordinate leaders want, in any environment, is a clear understanding of the overarching goals, political or otherwise, and the authority to secure the resources, and execute the tactics their professional experience tells them are necessary to achieve the goals set out by their superior. If that’s what Mr Trump is doing, great. It’s far better than Obama and his team who routinely fired people not for failure, but for speaking truth to power about conditions in the field and the feasibility of the goals.

Trumpis ever going to stand at a press conference and blame some poor filmmaker for the security lapses on a 9–11 anniversary at a CIA station in Libya.

The change is refreshing.

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