It never seems to surprise me just how easily we find those statistics that makes our point of…
Anthony Cloe Huie

No Anthony, I think it’s just human nature. As we both know, the vast majority of people of ANY color are law abiding citizens. The problem is, with such a high percentage of violent crime coming from a tiny subset of Black men, the vast majority of Black men, who are innocent of any crime are still looked at with a higher (but unwarranted) degree of suspicion, and for obvious reasons, they resent the hell out of it. No where here am I trying to rationalize racism or defend abusive police behavior. One thing I do deplore, is the apparently common belief in Black families that the greatest threat to their sons when they go out is being shot by a random police officer. Fewer than 50 unarmed Black men are killed by police every year, placing the odds in the same range as being struck by lightening. Racism exists, police bias is real, and many police shootings are unjustified, but being shot by police is way down the list of legitimate threats to the lives of young Black men.

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