Well, you and I can make any poster…it hardly means it’s accurate.
gregory dunkling

poster, as in someone who commented in this thread. ( I do wish Medium made it a bit easier to follow the threads of a conversation, there’s a lot of good stuff buried in the responses to the comments.)

Why is the nation so divided? It’s a subject worthy of extensive research. Lyman Stone drafted a Medium essay called “eNationalism” that I strongly recommend, you’ll find my take in the comments on that article.

I actually find your description of me as extreme quite amusing, I’m a fiscal conservative (I’m a big fan of Milton Friedman), a social moderate, and I’ve found myself frequently as frustrated with Repugs as I usually am with demorats. In general I loathe unaccountable governance, and have always believed that government itself represents the greatest danger on the planet to free people everywhere, because governments are the only entities with the power to coerce compliance with their wishes. Much of the division amongst citizens is deliberately created by politicians seeking power.

Kids? I have six. An adult son, and five young children adopted from foster care, three of whom are Hispanic and two of whom are Black. I will admit that before their arrival I paid little attention to social justice issues. These days I suppress the gagging and actually follow quite a few progressive and even leftist news sources because I have a responsibility to help my kids navigate their futures and I need to understand the nuance of progressive arguments.

Obama’s terms in office have been a pretty good illustration of why I, and so many others generally don’t vote for democrats. Beginning with the scorched earth tactics to pass the ACA that guaranteed non-cooperation from Republicans, the felony fraud committed to get the public to accept the bill (we know what’s best for the public so we’ll do what we think is right and lie to get away with it), the always divisive rhetoric against anyone who didn’t support him, the primary focus on social issues while the economy went off a cliff, the violations of the rule of law beginning with 100$ legally secured GMAC bondholders forced to take a 50% haircut, the takeover of FreddieMac, the gifting of majority ownership of GM to the UAW, the throwing of a trillion dollars at the wall (or loyal public sector employee unions) to deal with a massive economic crisis his team had no idea how to address. The foreign policy disasters that seriously exacerbated the global refugee crisis, and then refusing to allow more than a trickle of them to come to the US (and allowing NO Christian refugees while ISIS targeted and massacred them). The democrats have painted the repugs as obstructionists, but most of the administration’s policies once implemented have proven themselves failures unworthy of even democrat support.

To see just how far off the rails we have gone, just look at the two presidential candidates, both of whom should never have received their party’s nomination.