Faith and Acceptance: Why can’t some Christians have both?
Scott Neidich

Scott, I’m not a strongly religious person, and I could care less who uses the private stalls in public bathrooms.

What I objected to was the Education department decree which said that separate private locker room facilities were unacceptable, and that every middle school and high school in the country would be required to allow people with penises to shower and change clothes in the girls locker room, and people with Vaginas would be allowed to do the same in the boys locker room.

I have five children between 5 and 11. Every single one of them demands privacy in the bathroom, and demand privacy when dressing or in the shower by the age of 9. We’ve never even had a conversation about covering up with any of our children (other than put on clothes when you go outside. LOL), meaning their need for privacy was never taught nor imposed.

I don’t believe parents who question that policy, who are dealing with their own children coming to terms with puberty and the body image issues associated with it, are all a bunch of backwards extremists.

I’m sure one day nudity will be far more accepted and there will be a lot more unisex bathrooms. I don’t know how long it will be before most moms won’t freak out if their five year old daughter accidentally sees a stranger’s equipment in the restroom, or a person with a penis showering with their 12 year old daughter in the school locker room, but we’re not there yet.

I clearly understand the goal is normalization and acceptance. What I don’t understand is the temper tantrum happening because not everyone is yet ready for the new normal that wasn’t part of mainstream conversation even five years ago.

BTW, when I went to school, the stall doors were missing from more than half the stalls, and the locks were missing on the rest. Locker rooms were a big open space and so was the shower room. There was zero privacy, and for many of us, changing or showering was painfully awkward. I doubt that’s changed.

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