PROOF: Trump Tower Moscow Had Land And Plans — His Lawyer Lied To Hide It
Grant Stern

So Trump has a multinational business. Big f-ing deal, most of us could care less. Quit trying to regain control of the levers of power by demonizing your political enemies. All you are doing is digging a bigger hole. The real problem is that the DNC abandoned the working class, and is actively using identity politics to divide the country. If that actually worked you wouldn’t have lost a thousand legislative seats, the majority of state houses, governorships, both houses of Congress and the presidency since Obama took office. You have no viable platform. Your leaders are only a few years or one fall away from assisted living. Your bench of seasoned candidates is empty.

Why are you ignoring the reality that your party has been almost wiped out, and you guys still act like you should be in charge. Wake the fuck up!

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