But, as parents who love our kids, we figure it out along the way.
An Amendment to “Advice to My Daughters”

The best comment I’ve heard on this subject is that if we all waited until we could “afford” kids to have them, very few of us would have kids.

Apparently it’s worse today, because

These days about half of all newborns don’t have married parents. Whether that’s because it’s easier for a single mom to collect benefits I don’t know. According to recent reports, medicaid pays for more than half of all births.

I got married, joined the military, and waited seven years to have a child., but being responsible is no longer in fashion any more than committed married parents, having a savings account, or buying insurance..

It’s a double edge sword.

Young people can’t afford kids, but they are the group who should be having them. It’s a question of what sacrifices the parents should make, or what sacrifices others should make on behalf of the parents.

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