Dear Apple, This is Torture
Craig Sullivan

The cable issue drives me nuts. Many of my cables that no longer work were far better engineered than ANY Apple cable.

You neglected to mention iPad screens. I’ve got five kids, with iPad mini’s. I got so fed up with $140 screen replacements (for devices I bought new for $200) that I no longer bother. I did for awhile, until I realized that my littlest ones Kindle screens are virtually indestructible. I mean they’ve dropped them from the second floor landing, they WALK over them, and beat on them, and they NEVER break, and they cost like $70 new.

Also not mentioned is how Microsoft (yes Microsoft) absolutely smoked them with last week’s product launch dog and pony shows. Microsoft present the game changing Surface Studio with their kick ass Dial, and Apple gave us a clunky Touch bar.

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