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The demorats have moved radically to the left while Repugs are generally in the same place, but the message you hear is that the democrats are sane and stable while Repugs have all become extremist White Supremists nationalists.

The goal is to make the concept of conservativism unfit for consideration in the public square.

Obama won his first Illinois legislature seat, not by selling better ideas, but by having his opponents disqualified from the ballot. He won by default.

Progressives can’t win with their ideas, so they are attempting to create the impression that conservative ideas are unfit for discussion in the public square.

I had a discussion on health vare policy here the other day. The woman I spoke with is gleefully awaiting the death of baby boomers so that her ideas will be easier to sell.

For progressives, political opponents aren’t people with different ideas, they are obstacles to be destroyed by any means necessary. Bill Ayers envisioned reeducation camps and the liquidation of millions. He was absolutely convinced that his political vision was worth killing for.

We are at war with fanatics.

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